1D edit challenge | 1/3 ot3’s

nourry: “@NiallOfficial: @Louis_Tomlinson louis ring me.. harry told me somethin tday that u told him..TALK T ME.”

yeah because JULIAN BUNETTA is asked about SHIP, ANCHOR, ROPE, ARROW and HEART and he doesn’t know we are talking about specific tattoos.


Anonymous: "You know the funny part of Julian's tweet? A fan sent him a screenshot of the first page of google images when you look up anchor and rope, or just anchor(which is amazing) because the first page is full of tattoos only! The whole anchor with the rope around it design! I was laughing so hard because his response was the, I didn't know you were talking about tattoos tweet!"


lmao I KNOW. If you just look up “anchor” that’s literally what comes up. Images of anchors, most of which have ropes. And then he backtracked with “i meant a real pic tho. not a drawing” “however, I didn’t know you were talking about tattoos.” That was probably the dumbest argument I’ve ever seen and he reached so high he was tripping over himself trying to justify his point. And in the end he kind of confirmed the underlying meaning of that argument by saying that it’s different in the context of tattoos. He’s such a troll. Loves to rile up the fans. But when he’s bored, I think he should probably stay off twitter…

» http://worshippedlove.tumblr.com/post/100552433280/i-think-julians-essay-was-beautiful-though


I think Julian’s “essay” was beautiful though. Like, he said the anchor has a function because of the ship. Which is true, because if you have no ship then the anchor is useless.

Harry has both the anchor and the ship… but he doesn’t have rope… Louis has the exact thing he needs, Louis…

namelessgem: Loads of happy birthday wishes to my stunning amazing kind gorgeous wonderful mother 🎂 Love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


AU : The X factor’s judge Louis Tomlinson, 22, dating contestant Harry Styles, 18.

But like, 22 year old Louis is a former teen popstar that has sold millions of records, charmed teens across the world, and following the years of his life where he sold out stadiums and arenas around the globe, has been headhunted by Simon Cowell to be a judge on the latest season of The X-Factor UK. Enter Harry. An eighteen year old heartthrob that immediately impresses all the judges and the home viewers. Louis knows he is in the presence of someone special. Someone that can just pick up a guitar, strum a few notes, and sing a hauntingly beautiful, original tune. Harry ends up on Simon’s team, however this doesn’t stop Louis from checking in with Harry from time to time. Just to make sure his youth isn’t affecting his belief in himself. Harry and Louis click right off the bat and continue a nice friendship throughout Harry’s stint on the show. Harry gets through week after week, not only appealing to teenage girls, but also captivating older audiences. He has never been shy about his sexuality, and home audiences ship him with the also-out Louis. Shockingly, Harry is eliminated in the penultimate week, coming fourth overall. Harry is upset, but it is not until Louis goes to comfort him (“Hazza, who cares? Everyone knows the people that come third and fourth do better than the winner anyway”), that Harry admits he was more upset because he feels like he has disappointed Louis. And then the home audience’s ship comes to life. Harry and Louis begin dating after the season ends. Although Louis wasn’t his mentor, the pair decided it would be best for appearances to hold off until the competition was over. Cue candid shots at all hours of the day. Harry and Louis, walking in the park, and feeding the ducks. Harry and Louis, out for dinner at small, intimate venues, leaving with their hands clasped . Harry and Louis, out at all the events of the season, dressed in tailored suits. Harry and Louis, when Harry’s career takes off and he’s invited to every launch ever. Harry and Louis, when Louis’ song-writing is recognised and he becomes a lecturer at the local (prestigious) music college. Harry and Louis, when Louis judges on The X-Factor the following year, and his guest mentor at home visits is Harry, and all the groups get flown to their house in LA, and get to see the Larry love-nest in all its glory. Harry and Louis, when they finally get engaged. And all of the UK can attest to the fact that they saw the blossoming love between the former popstar turned successful songwriter, and the fourth-placed indie artist who hit the bigtime. A love story for the ages.