I am waiting for Harry’s next tweet. I wonder which lyrics he’s going to choose to warn us this time.

out of here for the day. I had enough.

i am actually scared of opening tumblr tomorrow morning. seriously. 

They d be so stupid to do this again after what happened last time. People haven’t forgotten.

Lmao have you forgotten that when their team hits the bottom they only starts digging deeper???? Like they are perfectly able to pull it again because people talk! They don’t have any blonde model available to promote BUT her which has been recently signed for a UK model agency. If they can see a chance of more promo and rumors and press on Harry, they will take the chance. Don’t worry. They don’t give a fuck about how it went. If they cared, they would have stopped pulling the December-February Harry annual dating three years ago. And yet they still are doing the same shit.
They could do anything but NOT Paige. She’s the WORST and I don’t even care I am insulting her.


Imagine if they go together to coachella. or with kendall lololll whatever, the tour didnt even start yet and i'm already in pain

I’d actually prefer Kendall at least she’s not the absolute SCUM Paige has proven to be in every form possible. I seriously hope we are wrong because if they pull that shit again now that she’s a model in the UK I am going to vomit for real. She’s the WORST. Not even Taylor Swift was at her levels. 



God I live for your fics Anna!!! (I thought a nice and sincere comment would be cool, I don't get why people are suddenly so aggressive in their asks!)

ohhh thanksss!!! :))) they are quite shit as I am shit at writing especially in English but I am glad someone enjoys them!!!!! you are so sweet!!

And don’t worry about aggressive asks, it’s what I live for 



@JohannahDarling: Ernest has his first pair of slippers 👶 xx http://t.co/26ewP2kO0D

oh, it’s the page ring again